Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Changes to the Feb Calendar

Congratulations on a great Western Maine Conference Championships. I was proud to be the Freeport Ski coach as I watched everyone work hard on a long day of races.

We are now down to the last race, the State meet. As I said earlier today, I wish I could take everyone to States but we have to whittle the team down to 6 boys and 6 girls.

The entire team is welcome to join all remaining practices, whether there to do the workout or to join us to ski in this beautiful snow. Practices are certainly optional for those not skiing at States.
Sorry, if you are skiing at States, practices are not optional. :)

This week:
2:30 Thursday Feb 16 - Skate (if no school Thursday please get out on your own for 1 hour, skate or classic)
2:30 Friday Feb 17 - day off unless we do not have practice Thursday.
9:00 Saturday Feb 18 - Classic - meet at Pineland
Sunday Feb 19 - Ski on your own skate or classic for 90 minutes

Next week:
Monday Feb 20 - Day off, unless you took Sunday off.
9:00 Tuesday Feb 21 - meet at Pineland
9:00 Wednesday Feb 22 - meet at Pineland
12:00 Wednesday Feb 22 - State team Meet at high school for waxing, see schedule below.

Thursday/Friday Feb 23/24 Class B State Meet

11:00 Saturday Feb 25 - Anyone wanting to go for the U16 and EHSC Qualifier should meet Saturday to ski and talk about the next weeks schedule

State Meet Schedule

2017 State Meet - Sugarloaf Outdoor Center

Thursday Feb 23
7:00 Bus to Sugarloaf, meet at High School at 6:45
11:30 Coaches Meeting Sugarloaf
1:00pm Boys 5k Classic race
2:30pm Girls 5k classic race

Friday Feb 24
9:00am Coaches meeting
10:00am Boys 5k Skate race
11:00am Girls 5k Skate race

Monday, February 13, 2017

Tuesday 2/14

Happy snow day!

Again, great job Saturday! We are very proud of all of you! Parents, thank you for wonderful food and cheering!

Looking ahead to tomorrow, we are going to have a 5k skate race at Pineland; 3:30 start time. If you can, wax your skis with red wax.
It will be a Valentine's day themed race. There will be prizes for the best costumes.

Enjoy the rest of your day, get some rest, and get creative for tomorrow.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Week of January 30

Monday - Day off. If you did not ski Sunday then ski for 45 minutes, level 1 focusing on technique (V2) and not speed.
Tuesday –  Classic (unless the race is changed) I will not be there. Bring both Skate and classic skis to school.

warm up Oak Hill Inner loop

3 to 4 pickups on the second lap of inner loop.

Pick one of the smaller hills to do 4xV2 pick-ups (10 – 15 secs each)
Cool down ski.

Wednesday – Classic race Fryeburg 1:00 Bus

Thursday – Skate Technique, 5k ski, V2 Sprints (working on V2 at speed)

Friday – Skate Games finishing with 15 minutes of double poling

Saturday – Sugarloaf??? Skate and classic. We would like to travel to snow and practice on the State meet trails. I am asking for a bus but do not have confirmation yet if we can go. Plan on a 7:00 bus and returning by 6pm.

How to make your skis fast

If you start now you can make your skis faster and faster over the next few weeks. It will be important to go into States with the fastest skis as possible.

This is from Roger Knight at BNS...

How to ensure fast skis the rest of the season:

People overlook that fast skis are made not on race day, but during every other single day during the season. If you don’t take care of your skis on the average day you ski on them they will gradually slow down through the year. Here are some tips we have found to increase ski speed on a day to day basis.

1. Always CFC Glide clean your skis at least once a week. Snow is inevitably dirty and has contaminants in it. These substances get on your base and eventually will get ironed into the base. This does NOT help ski speed on the snow. Our recommendation is to clean your skis using Holmenkol Nano CFC glide cleaner at least once a week. Proper procedure to glide clean skis is simple: Wet a piece of Fiberlene with Nano CFC cleaner and rub it up and down the ski to get the ski covered. It does NOT take much cleaner to get the entire ski. Let this dry completely (2-3 minutes)and then brush out with a firm bronze or steel cleaning brush. This cleans the skis glide areas but does not remove the base wax leaving the skis overly dry.

2. Skis have a percentage of graphite in them and we have found that using graphite as a base layer for race waxing or just to put in the skis once a week helps keep the skis in top shape by replenishing this and acting as an anti-static and hardening agent. I personally cannot stress this enough, if you are not using a hard graphite in your skis at least once a week you are giving up easy ski speed. We like the SkiGo XC or LF Graphite due to it’s ability to harden the base. This wax is truly phenomenal and we start every race wax job with this as a first layer. Rex and Start also make very good hard graphite waxes.

3. Wax your skis after every time you ski on them. This one seems obvious, but it doesn’t happen as we all know. The way skis get faster is skiing and then waxing immediately after skiing. The smart coaches build in a bit of time at the end of practice to have athletes quickly wax their skis before putting them away. It can be hard, but the return on investment by doing this is quite remarkable.

4. Use good brushes for race day. It is important to have good brushes for race day no matter what your team brushing protocol is. We highly recommend using a fine steel or bronze brush as a first brush after waxing. Two favorites are the Holmenkol Micro Finish Steel Brush and the Ski*Go Fine Long Steel Brush  These brushes have laser cut steel bristles that are very fine and penetrate the structure well to remove excess wax in a hurry. The next brush we use is my favorite brush in the entire world, the Holmenkol Horsehair Brush If you haven’t tried this brush yet you are doing a disservice to yourself as a ski technician! It is an amazing brush that thoroughly cleans the skis and does it in a hurry. It is also the best brush for those hard waxes that are tough to get out of the ski, it makes quick work of the brushing process. We always recommend finishing with a stiff nylon brush in a polishing fashion.

Thank you and let us know if we can be of any assistance or help to your teams in any way. 

Roger Knight
BNS East
Team and Wax Sales

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday's race

Great job to everyone today! It was a good day to be on skis even if conditions weren't perfect. Thanks to everyone for staying positive and skiing hard; hard work on days like today really pays off down the road. Click on  Results to see the times and standing.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Practice cancelledTuesday Jan 24, BUT...

Practice has been cancelled today since school is out.
BUT please get out on skis anywhere you can, back yard, the field down the street, golf course.
If not on skis then go for an easy jog and do your race warmup where you do pickups and sprints.
Do something aerobic for 45 minutes today.

The race is still on for tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan 25.
It is not good to have a day off before a race so get out today.
Bus tomorrow is at 2pm.

Please have your skis ready for tomorrow. If you are waxing your skis tonight then use a CH/LF red wax.