Thursday, December 14, 2017

Skiing at Pineland

Pineland Farms Nordic trails are open for the season
We will be skiing tomorrow and Saturday Dec 15, 16 at Pineland Farms.

Make sure you wax your skis with Blue glide wax to harden the bases for the icy snow.

Hopefully this is the beginning of the ski season and we can put our running shoes away.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

2017/2018 ski season

Welcome to the 2017/2018 ski season. It was great to see everyone today.
I posted the ski season calendars so check them out for practice and race schedules.

Remember we will have practice at 2:30 Tuesday through Friday at the high school and 9:00am Saturday at Pineland
Sunday will be on your own.
More posts will be coming.

Monday, January 30, 2017

How to make your skis fast

If you start now you can make your skis faster and faster over the next few weeks. It will be important to go into States with the fastest skis as possible.

This is from Roger Knight at BNS...

How to ensure fast skis the rest of the season:

People overlook that fast skis are made not on race day, but during every other single day during the season. If you don’t take care of your skis on the average day you ski on them they will gradually slow down through the year. Here are some tips we have found to increase ski speed on a day to day basis.

1. Always CFC Glide clean your skis at least once a week. Snow is inevitably dirty and has contaminants in it. These substances get on your base and eventually will get ironed into the base. This does NOT help ski speed on the snow. Our recommendation is to clean your skis using Holmenkol Nano CFC glide cleaner at least once a week. Proper procedure to glide clean skis is simple: Wet a piece of Fiberlene with Nano CFC cleaner and rub it up and down the ski to get the ski covered. It does NOT take much cleaner to get the entire ski. Let this dry completely (2-3 minutes)and then brush out with a firm bronze or steel cleaning brush. This cleans the skis glide areas but does not remove the base wax leaving the skis overly dry.

2. Skis have a percentage of graphite in them and we have found that using graphite as a base layer for race waxing or just to put in the skis once a week helps keep the skis in top shape by replenishing this and acting as an anti-static and hardening agent. I personally cannot stress this enough, if you are not using a hard graphite in your skis at least once a week you are giving up easy ski speed. We like the SkiGo XC or LF Graphite due to it’s ability to harden the base. This wax is truly phenomenal and we start every race wax job with this as a first layer. Rex and Start also make very good hard graphite waxes.

3. Wax your skis after every time you ski on them. This one seems obvious, but it doesn’t happen as we all know. The way skis get faster is skiing and then waxing immediately after skiing. The smart coaches build in a bit of time at the end of practice to have athletes quickly wax their skis before putting them away. It can be hard, but the return on investment by doing this is quite remarkable.

4. Use good brushes for race day. It is important to have good brushes for race day no matter what your team brushing protocol is. We highly recommend using a fine steel or bronze brush as a first brush after waxing. Two favorites are the Holmenkol Micro Finish Steel Brush and the Ski*Go Fine Long Steel Brush  These brushes have laser cut steel bristles that are very fine and penetrate the structure well to remove excess wax in a hurry. The next brush we use is my favorite brush in the entire world, the Holmenkol Horsehair Brush If you haven’t tried this brush yet you are doing a disservice to yourself as a ski technician! It is an amazing brush that thoroughly cleans the skis and does it in a hurry. It is also the best brush for those hard waxes that are tough to get out of the ski, it makes quick work of the brushing process. We always recommend finishing with a stiff nylon brush in a polishing fashion.

Thank you and let us know if we can be of any assistance or help to your teams in any way. 

Roger Knight
BNS East
Team and Wax Sales

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ski Room Doors Left Opened

The outside doors to the ski room have been left propped open when no one is there.
Please do not leave the doors propped open as this is a safety and security issue.

If the doors are found open again without anyone there we have to change the way we use the ski room.
Please check the door if you are the last one at the ski room.

We know the room is not the best situation but it is working pretty well so far.
Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Monday Fryeburg relay race information

Monday will be an all day event.
8:00am Bus
4:00pm arrive at HS
Please bring a lunch and snacks for the day.
Perhaps parents can set up some lunch?? :)

Race information from the Fryeburg coach.
We have a


                Looking ahead to Monday’s relay race at Stark’s:  The weather actually looks to be in our favor and should be fast skiing!
                Skate – 3.93k per leg, map attached.  Same relay course as in the past, not a full 5k, but challenging and good spectating.

                2 girls teams and 2 boys teams per school (4 skiers per team).  Everyone else will be in the individual race.  We limit the field to keep the day moving – this has worked well in the past.

                Boys start at 11:00

                Girls 12:10

                Boys Individual Mass Start at 1:15

                Girls Individual Mass Start at 1:20

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Great job to everyone yesterday! You guys skied well and hopefully had a fun time. Thanks to everyone for the teamwork especially around the start area - grabbing coats, watching for teammates , cheering etc.  Special thanks  to Yacob for helping some of the underclassmen warm up - great leadership!

Of course, the most important, tights! John won some super cool peppered tights:

Get some rest, see you Tuesday!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Holiday camp 2016 time trial results and race season

Elysha and I would like to thank the Freeport ski team and chaperones for another great holiday ski camp. It was fun and very educational being with everyone for 3 days. :)

We hit it just right as it started snowing right after we arrived in Jackson.
The 2 foot snow storm and waking up to no power Friday just added to the adventure.

The race season starts  this week with the 1st WMC race on Wed and Telstar Relays on Saturday.
Now is the time to be focused on getting your sleep, eating well and making sure you train when we are supposed to and rest on the days off. Let's show the other teams what Freeport Nordic is able to accomplish.

Here are the results of the time trial at Great Glen. Good job everyone. Let me know if you think there is an error.

Bennett 12:52
Yacob 12:59
John G 14:11
Kyle 14:23
John S 15:31
Lily H 15:39
Finn 15:42
Tom 16:30
Caleb 17:04
Tanner 17:45
Noah 18:57
Erin 19:41
Maya 20:35
Freeport alumni 14:00
Freeport parent 21:37