Friday, February 26, 2016

There is snow at Titcomb Mt and they are hosting a training day.




I am sending this to the entire team as you all are welcome to come skiing if you want to spend the day in Farmington.


We will leave from the High School at 9am!!!

I hope to be back no later than 4pm.


We will be skate skiing most of the day, but feel free to bring classic to cool down with if you want.


We will be doing the sprint races for our intervals, but you do not have to do those if you are coming out just to ski.


Please bring

Skate skis, poles and boots

Water bottle

Change of clothes

Lunch if you don’t want to purchase food there

Money for trail fee and snacks


We will have to figure out carpooling when we get to the school. Just let me know tonight who is going.


Parents I need to have a note saying it is ok to have students riding with other students or if they need to ride with me (I have room for 4)


Sorry for the last minute message



Tuesday, February 23, 2016

U16/EHSC Qualifier

Just a reminder that everyone racing in the U16/EHSC qualifier race on March 5 has to register themselves.
The School (or I) will not register anyone for this race.

We will be waxing both classic and Skate skis on Friday March 4 at the high school starting at 3:30.

Check the calendar for the practice schedule and be flexible with the type of training, we may be roller skiing, running or skiing on snow depending on weather.

Bring running shoes, skate ski boots and roller ski poles to practice.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Post States

Wow, the regular Nordic Ski season is over. :( That went very fast and was very challenging due to the "great" winter we are having.
I want to thank all of the Freeport/Brunswick Nordic team for their great accomplishes this winter and amazing results at the WMCC and States races. :)

The next step for all of you is to make sure you attend the Awards ceremony March 3 at 7pm. It will be shorter than past years as we will just be doing the awards and not staying for the individual team  part.
Instead we will have a year-end party where we will present varsity letters/certificates, State team medals and just enjoy the end of the season and maybe view some photos.
Details will be coming soon.

I updated the Feb and march calendars with a couple practices, so check them out if you want to keep "skiing". Anyone trying out for the EHSC and U16 teams have to be focused enough to keep going with your workouts till after those races are over.
I will be handing out roller skis on Wednesday so you can keep skiing during the week and hopefully snow skiing on the weekend.

All practices are optional, but highly recommended for EHSC and U16 skiers. Plus it will give you a head start for next year. :)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Saturday at Sugarloaf

For Saturday at Sugarloaf bring both classic and skate skis, we will do both that day. Also please pack a lunch and snacks for the day or money to purchase lunch at their deli.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Practice Feb 8 - 17 Update with the correct month :)

Another Congratulations to all of the Freeport Nordic Team for 2 great WMCC races.
What a tough week for everyone skiing in icy conditions and then roller skiing to soft powder.

Now it is on to the States. We still have to stay focused on skiing our best and fine tuning technique.
I will be gone till the 15th. You will be in great hands with Coach Dyer (Elysha, in case you forgot)

This week's schedule
Monday Feb 8 -         Day off
Tuesday Feb 9 -         2:30 bus to Pineland Skate
Wednesday Feb 10 -  2:30 bus to Pineland Skate
Thursday Feb 11  -    Day off
Friday Feb 12 -         2:30 bus to Pineland Classic
Saturday Feb 13 -     7:30 bus to Sugarloaf Classic
Sunday Feb 14 -       9:00 optional practice at Pineland Skate
Monday Feb 15 -      2:30 bus to Pineland Classic
Tuesday Feb 16 -      Day off
Wednesday Feb 17 - Practice on your own.
                                 2:00 wax at the High School. We have to wax both classic and skate skis.
Thursday Feb 18 -    7:30 bus to Sugarloaf Nordic Center State classic race

Brunswick team
Monday Feb 8 -       30 min ski w/ 2 x 2 min pickups after 15 minutes, ending w/ 4 x 10 sec sprints
Tuesday Feb 9 -       Conference championships
Wednesday Feb 10 - 45 min ski w/ 3 x 2 min pickups after 20 min, ending w/ 4 x 10 sec sprints
Thursday Feb 11 -    Conference Championships
Friday Feb 12 -        Day off
Saturday Feb 13 - Wednesday Jan 17 same schedule as above

Friday, January 22, 2016

V2 videos & reminder about Saturday

For those of you who are new to V2, here are some quick videos that talk about good V2 technique.

Also a reminder that Saturday's practice will be at 9:00 at Pineland and it will be classic skiing.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hey guys,

I realized I do not have cell numbers for a lot of you. If you get the chance can you please text your name to 207-522-9737 so that I can build a contact list. Thanks!